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Best Review

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recommend long lasting hyper mosit tink with moisty and great definision 2017-01-03


Hi, this is daring, beauty bloggr
Today I would line to introduce clio's new product oil tint
normal oil tint is eased easily because it si too moisty
or it colors only pink, so I wondered it is okay with only this one
Tension lip oilt tint is the product express moisty complete definition only with this
 it is hardly erased, and show complete defintion and lasting. I was impressed it stay untile the next day even though I had meal, work out and take a shower

now let's use newly released oil tint

Clio tension lip oil tint
5.5ml 16,000 won
the product combining oil with tint,
complete moist, complete definistion and complete lasting is the very expression for this
Few tint with good coloring is moisty
I was impressed with this moist in the product
Definition is also beautiful by each, and coloring is all differerent,
I changed my idea of oil tint = pink coloring
particularly it is so moisty but it was not because of water but because of moisturizing oil
so, its gloss is so pretty

and there are tranparent color and deep color, both are so pretty

Design is simple but it was nice to see color at the bottom

personally it is convenint to directly check colors

color is 12 in total, I color only 10
of them, 3 colors are what Gong Hyojin's personally wore 

It think there will be no like or not like because all colors are pretty

Applicator is flat but it contains much content head and tail
so it was nice to control the amount in application

Especially, if you wand gradation, you should lightly apply with small amount 

product type of tension lip oil tint is this moisty
like feeling of smooth and gloss?

you don’t have to worry about dead skin cell with this

I prepare moving photo to show you details

color is not clear but you can see gloss

color is a little deep and transparent but a bit hazy
gloss is very good just like oil tint and smooth feeling stayed on lip and and lasts so long 

I erased to see coloring and lasting power. It is almost erased
I worried only deep colors would remain but coloring on lips is done
It colors deeply just like its original color
I compared this to other companies' oil tint on purpose
Strangely, clio tension lip oil tint hardly colored
So, I removed this because comparison was impossible
Other company's oil tint colors only pink but clio colors just like its own color
I think a lot of people will love this
Now, let's take a look to see if it has moist complete definition

01 Red balm

Tension lip oil tint uniquely has deep color from #1, and it goes lighter with the end number 

So the first one is red! The color is introduces as Gong Hyojin's tint
It is used in commercials. Isn't it pretty?

it is hazy, red mixed with a little white

02 Wild cherry
it was red with white but has a little blue
It seems myterious because I can feel blue and yellow at the same time
I love the feeling

Yeah right, it could be Gong Hyojin's tint

03 black current
as you see this is black current of high definition deep burgundy 

This is also Gong Hyojin's tint, very attractive and nice for a point

04 sugar plum
This is sugar plum. when I saw it, "Wow, pretty"
it feels like purple version of dried rose or plum mixed with a lot of white

soft and attractive color

05 Muse Fushcia
Just like its name, muse fushcia with fushcia color

I was surprised at its rich definition. I think it will be nice with gradation

FYI, tension lip oil tint is easy to make gradation because of its nice definition

06 Sugar Breeze
This is Sugar Breeze which reminded me of delicate feeling
It contains so much white but pretty

it is not color of floating strawberry milk

08 just coral
just like its name, it is coral color but it is toned-down coral, so nice for daily color

It has rather calm feeling but hazy feeling

10 Cinamon spice
It is dried rose color, cinamon spice of brown red
it is really pretty and nice for this season
Don't you think it is pretty even doing gradation?

I would recommend this as nice autumn tint for this season

11 naughty nude
it is brown coral, toned-down autumn color

it looks like #8 just coral, but naughty nude is darker 

I wanted to prepare all colors with gradation, but it was hard to make it because of its coloring

I prepare gradation only with 2 colors, but I recommen gradation with all colors

And now this is my lips after all coloring
I reversely started from 11 because low numbered colors are so deep
after coloring, the color remains this deep
I was surprised that it lasted tot long even though I used tint remover
FYI, I saw pink dead skin cell until the very next evening

I think lasting power is the best because it remained again after shower, meal and working out