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Complete Gong Hyojin's Pyo Nari makeup in Jealousy incarnate with clio consealdation and oil tint 2017-01-03

Hello, Anna
2016 is almost gone
It gets colder as October begins, take care of your health well

I came back with makeup tutorial after a long time

I tried Gong Hyojin makeup in Jealousy incarnate which makes big hit

I can fall in love with lovely Gongvely by each episode even in perspective of women

Let's take a look carefuly into Gong Hyojin makeup with consealcustion and oil tint as well as Pyo Nari Look in Jealousy incarnate with Clio consealdation

Tadan! As soon as I saw this scene, I recognized clio

Gong Hyojin makeup, neat and complete skin but red lip gave realy point!

Clio Killcover consealdation 03 Linen

30ml, 32,000won

Clio Killcover conseadation is the proper prodouct to express complete skin 
First, I wondered, "is it pumping foundation?" but an application looks like iron caught my eyes when I opened it
It is good to quick skin expression by instanly spread on face without bothering pumping separately and possible to control amount with  iron application

First of all, this is my naked skin
I have oily and troubled skin, so considered cover effect the most important

I am looking forward to using this because I enjoy using clio kill over line before

control amount with wide application as if ironing clothes and spread with wide side of angled conseal sponge
provided together

Can you see cover power? Really
It expresses skin really beautifully

it is already complete but added consealdation with the tip of sponge on irritating blemish,
Before -> After, my trouble skin is covered completely!
You don't need separate consealer because wide side of angled conseal sponge is used when spreading and 
tipped side is locally used

And I am statisfied with its lasting effect

Clio killbrow auto hard brow pencil

This is Clio killbrow auto hard brow pencil
Capacity is 0.3 g and 20,000 won

Now I will draw brow on my urgent eyebrow
It draw straight
Brow tip is hexagoon which is very convenient for everybody to draw eyebrows
what is nicer is it doesn't forget sharpner which always keep pencil angled
by simplel sctraching
And this product!
Do you know that it is famouns for low-cost version of s company by using the same manufacturer and formula as S company?
The price of S is 45,000 won and refill product is 23,000 won but clio eyebrow is only 20,000 won!
It is cheaper than refill product, but no difference is found on contents. So it got popular more and more
Clio pro dual controbing stick natural

4g and 23,000 won
you can complete contouring and highlighting for slime but voluminous makeup like Gong Hyojin
Let me use dual contouring stick!

easy to draw with soft application

complete simple and natural profile makeup as drawing and bleding

Clio Pro tinted eye sweet pearl

Pro tinted eye
14,000 won and 5.2g
harmonization between beige from clear base and gold pearl

Pro tinted eye #6 sweet pearl product, I will make completely pretty and shiny eye

I feel sorry that I cannot show you very natural but delicately shiny pearl throught the photo
It expresses natually moistly shiny whenever blinking eyes

Clio virgin kiss tension lip oil tint red balm

price 16,000 won capacity 5.5 ml

Next is lip makeup which is today's key makeup
Gong Hyojin looks so pretty with clear and neat skin and red pointed lips
Isn't it clio oil tint?
I will apply 01 Red balm

I gave gradation focusing on inside with clio oil tint
surely moisty, and color is so pretty, isnt' it?
Lips get chapped since it gets colder and dried.
So I like this because it is moisty without worrying dead skin cell and wrinkles 
and gradation was easy

when you apply this fully, really crazy like this
So nice defition despite oil tint, isn't it?
Now, you can make really hot lips and tint lasts long.
Most of all it makes ugly lips beautiful, so I feel satisfied so much 

Tadan! And again, Gong Hyujin wearing pretty makeup
The lip color continuously caught my eyes,
It think it is lip color you can choose for daily color
Weill can I say it makes people lovely and lovely"

I will continously introduce Pyo Nari make up  in Jealousy incarnate just chaning changing of pretty tension lip oil tint 

16,000won 5.5ml

Now I will introduce # 11 naughty nude

Girl, it is said that this is the oil tint color Gong Hyojin enjoy 

Do you know it is so elegant and sophiticated as soon as applying it?
And again, it is moisty and lips itself look pretty

It is good for daily color but you can express atmospheric makeup only with lipcolor
For me, it is my lifelong item
Now, I introduced 2 makeups of Gong Hyojin's makeup in in Jealousy incarnate  
I loved all reliable clio products
However, it is not the end!

I liked killcover consealdation,
but I thought this product is also the best

I will introduce you Gong Hyojin makeup for quick correction with already popular virgin kiss tinted lipstic along with Conceal cushion


Clio Kill cover conseal cushion 03 linen

20ml and 32,000 won
I used previous killcover cushion well, but this kill cushion is ugraded
Although I pressed content with puff only once,
I was surprised at its cover effect

I will moistly apply this on my oily and troubled cheek with only one touch 

I will moistly apply this on my oily and troubled cheek with only one touch 

Tadan, moisty complete cover! So great!
And Clio puff itself also adhere so well, 
It is quick but expresses complete skin expression looking like full makeup with consealer and foundation
It is my must-item when going out
Clio virgin kiss tinted lip M2 pink bloom

16,000 won and 3.5g
finally, It is the most famous clio lipstic
It is a lip product shown at this scene

Especially #2 Pink Bloom color to introduce is Gong Hyojin's commercial color of tinted lip

It is famous that it can express listick and tint,
When you apply gradation with fingertip and lip brush
It looks like being colored with tint
and when you apply full lips, it express vivid color like lipstic

Again, definistion is so great

both gradation and full lip are daily color

Finally, I will wrap this up with complet cover killcover consealdation link which I already introduced

This posting is provided with the products and certain amount of script fee by clio