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Gong Hyojin makeup in Jealousy incarnate, Pyo Nari consealdation & oil tint 2017-01-03

Gong Hyojin makeup in Jealousy incarnate, Pyo Nari consealdation & oil tint


Gong Hyojin makeup in Jealousy incarnate, Pyo Nari consealdation & oil tint


Gongvely, Gong Hyojin who gets more beautiful every day. She looks so beautiful whatever she does
She looks much more lovely because of her lovley look and her acting
There must be a lot of people who want to wear pretty Gong Hyojin's makeup in Jealousy incarnate
Today I will express Pyo Nari look with clio products which Pyo Nari really used

I will introduce the products first and then show 3 looks, Follow me!

Clio Killcover Consealdation (capacity 30ml/price 32,000 won)

If you are looking for the product integrating concealer's cover power and foundation's moist, this is what you want
both cover and moist is theh best, and this is so-called iron conceal fada

You can make base makeup by spreading and ironing with an applicator in front 

First of all, apply and spread conseadation on your face and light pound it like consealer for finish
The key secret of Gong Hyojin's beauty in Jealousy incarnate even on UHD screen is this killcover consealdation

It is great that it moistly covers complete as well as you can do quick makeup by ironing and spreading

Clio pro dual controbing stick (capacity 3.7g * 2 / price 23,000 won )

It is dual stick of highlighter & shading which express so-called sculpture face with customized color

what is nicer is that two products is together. It is product with combination of delicate pearl highliter and natural shading

it is easy for beginners to use because it lightly adhere and finishes silky

Give shading along the face line focusing on facial outline and draw highlighting cheeks and nose
Than spread with puff using with kill consealdation

Your face outline looks clear. Especially it is great that shading is natural

Clio kill brow auto hard brow pencil ( capacity 0.31g / price 20,000 won )

It is brow pencile with reasonble price and manufactured by the same manfacturer as shuemura hard formula
It is hexagon shaped hard type, so it break less and smootly applied on oily eyebrow

This is all-in-one brow pencil integrating sharpner

Gong Hyojin's natural eye brow's secret is this kill brow auto hard brow pencil
first comb eye brow and draw brow follwing eyebrow's line. And then Minibijou did coloring because I have dyed hair

It is easy to draw line untile the end when you using sharpner

Clio pro tinted eye (capacity 5.2g / price 14,000 won)
It is the shadow showing complete adhesion like my realy eyelid
lt looks like lip tint and definition is also like tint with adhesion
6 colors are released in total. I used #6 sweat pearl color which Gong Hyojin used

it is pretty pearl which express glossy without any powerder floating

As if I have beautiful and sparkling eyes like Gong Hyojin, just apply follwing eyeline and lightly pound it with hands

It is so simple but pearl is so pretty. I recommend you to use this on under eyelid

Virgin Kiss Tension lip oil tint #1 red balm  ( capacity 5.5ml / price 16,000 won )
it is oil tint integreting oil and tint with moisty complete definition
I recommend this because it makes hit as Gong Hyojin's oil tint lipstic
it is the product integrating oil's moist and tint's definition

You can choose any according to your tone because 12 colors are released

Announcer makeup with great beauty on the screen in Jealousy incarnate

Gong Hyojin Makeup LOOK 1

She was so pretty on this day. Gong Hyojin wore blue dress and blue gemstone earing!
It was clio product which she applied in the cosmetic shop with Jo Jeongseok
I will do Gong Hyojin Look on this day! Base makeup and eye makeup is like above.

I will show you various Gong Hyojin Looks just chaning lip colors! The first is reddish oil tint of Gong Hyojin makeup

It is said that Gong Hyojin used tension lip oil tint #1 red balm color
This strong red color containing lovely pink is so preety

It expressed red lips with complete definition just applying it

This is the first shot of Gong Hyojin of Minibijou! Similar?

I look bright with skin with clear facial outline, sparkling and natural eye and red tint color finish

I think lip color is so great

Lovely Gongvely Gong Hyojin makeup look 2

the second Gong Hyojin makeup I will do is makeup just above
You can proceed base makeup and eye makeup as above
I will change lipcolor to lovely coral pink and express lovely look
Practically, there was a scene Pyo Nari used this product 

This is tensionlip oil tint #11 naughty nude, the color Gong Hyojin uses daily
The color is so pretty with coral tone. Definistion is so great

but I prefer its sense of moist. It delivers oils moisture power. It is very proper to dry autumn

The feeling is like this with the whole cut
Image is totally chanaged because it is innocent and lovely color
#11 naughty nude is a bit different from #1 read

I can feel charming Gong Hyojin whose image changes only with lipcolor

Easy correction of makeup Gong Hyojin makeup Look 3

Pyo Nari who was on a way to her work while being treated in hospital
She prepared lively look with cushion and lipstick

I will do Gong Hyojin makeup, who went well with pink dress

Clio Killcover conseal cusion (capacity 13g / price 32,000 won )
This is moisty complete cover conseal cushion integrating consealer and cushion
It shows better cover effect with dual cushion sponge
it is also nicely moisty when you correct makeup

I recommend this because it likes foundtion without darkening but with good cover effect

Clio virgin kess tinted lip ( capacity 3.5g / price 16,000 won )
The reason Gong Hyojins' pale face in hospital into vivid

that is because of clio lipstic. She applied #2 pink bloom color and it went well with pink dress

The texture applied like sliding on the lip is so pretty

Minibijou corrected makeup after hanging out
Can you see different image after punding conceal cushion and applying virgein kiss tinted lip pink bloom lipstick
Naked face can be changed only with these two
Especially, I recommend this because lip color is so nice for daily color
all 3 Gong Hyojin makeups  in Jealousy incarnate are pretty, aren't they?
Wear pretty makeup with clio products which Gong Hyojin used
Image can be changed just by changing lip color because it expresses pretty skin tone
Copy right reserves Minibijou. I received products and script fee from Clio and write this honestly