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[Clio Press Release] Every day sold-out parade! Pyo Nari item walking on the flower road 2017-04-19

'Jealousy' Pyo Nari went and 'woman of sold-out' Gong Hyojin remains.

Every day sold-out parade! Pyo Nari item walking on the flower road


Source:  capture of SBS "Incarnation of Jealousy" Episode 24.

[Friday, November 11, 2016] SBS Wed.Thu drama "Incarnation of Jealousy" which collected issues everyday for its real 'bottle tasted code' from good chemistry of actors, Gong Hyojin and Cho Jeongseok, script, directing to BGM ended with happy wedding march of two people. Although the "Incarnation of Jealousy", Pyo Nari(by Gong Hyojin) who made the audience laugh and cry for past 3 months left, while 'hard working' 'Pyo Nari Look' is collecting great interest after went off, we will introduce the beauty, fashion items of Pyo Nary in the drama which calls sold-out once they have been worn.

▶Catching the eyes! Pyo Nari's beauty items desiring to purchase

There is an item making issues once the actress Gong Hyojin uses in works such as Koo Aejeong in the drama 'The best love', Ji Haesu in 'It's OK, it's love', Tak Yejin in 'Producer'. It's the 'Lipstick'. "Incarnation of Jealousy", Pyo Nari also collected issues in every episode by the perfect announcer look without scattering, especially, her moist and shiny lip color in spite of endless comments was enough to make eyes of the audience concentrated.

Clio 'Virgin Kiss Tension Lip Oil Tint' which produced Pyo Nary's lip makeup surprisingly increased more than 180% in sales figure since the airing depending on the popularity of the drama. Among them, 'No,1 red bomb' which has vivid and clear red color received great attention as in the drama, Gong Hyojin took this color while enjoying lovey-dovey date with Lee Hwasin(by Cho Jeonseok) at a cosmetic shop. Pyo Nary in dramas produced sophisticated announcer look attractively taking not only intense red color but also neat coral, nude pink trend. The brand explained that the amount of search on related keywords(Gong Hyojin Tint Lipstick) also increased by more than 600% compared to before the airing as Pyo Nary makeup in "Incarnation of Jealousy" was intensively highlighted.

Source:  capture of SBS "Incarnation of Jealousy" Episode 9, 20

Moreover, the cushion product which produced zero-defect skin of the announcer, Pyo Nary in dramas also received explosive love since the airing. That item is 'Kill Cover Conceal Cushion' of the makeup brand Clio, is highlighted by real announcers as it completely covers moistly with small quantity.  Oh Seonghui, vice chairperson of Leehee hair and makeup who is in charge of makeup for Gong Hyojin additionally said that 'Clio Kill Cover Cushion' is usually used for actual makeup for Gong Hyojin as it completes perfect base without break-down in long time location. That item also became a brand's bestseller in short time achieving 290% of sales growth since the airing.

▶Different her for even a bag! It item of the fashionista


"As known as undisputable fashionista, Pyo Nary in dramas also showed various fashion styles.Among them, the thing that she does not miss in every style is the bag!"

All of the products worn by Gong Hyojin in "Incarnation of Jealousy" are collaboration line of 'HYIOBAG' which the bag brand VIVCIS showed in collaboration with Gong Hyojin, had popularity of 3 times sold-out since released. Especially, new product 'HYO-Half Moon' in this season, reorder was conducted in only after 2 weeks of release recording unusual sales figure selling 200 in advance reservation. And explosive response was received including 120% of increase in offline since the airing compared to the same period of last year, and online sales also recorded more than 400% of the growth rate.

On the other hand, Clio products which produced zero-defect beauty of the announcer, Pyo Nary can be purchased at Club Clio stores, drugstores, major duty-free shops, online direct management shops( in the country.

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