CLIO exists to provide confidence and pleasure for
those who enjoy new changes through cosmetics.

OWN CONFIDENCE!be confident, be beautiful, be yourself

CLIO is a professional color makeup brand first born in 1993
CLIO is the name of Greek goddess,meaning 'celebration' and symbolizing history and honor.
This brand was created to CELEBRATE a woman who newly challenges her life through makeup and make her life history wornderful.
CLIO products help professional makeup easy and convenient for everyone with innovative product quality, sensual color and stylish design.

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  • Kill Black Waterproof Pen Liner

    EYE LINER KILL Black, launched in 2010, is the first eyeliner of 'Carbon Black' in Korea, raising consumers' product awareness of eyeliner through celebrity endorsement.

    Since then, with a series of hit products such as Gelpresso and Twiston, we stand out in eyeliner brands.

    More than 12 million in cumulative sales total

  • Kill Brow Tinted Tattoo XP

    EYE BROW Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow is a revolutionary and smudge-free eyebrow drawing kit that makes one-time drawing last for a week-it resolves users' worries about smudged eyebrow makeup.

    When launched in 2015, this eyebrow drawing kit accounted for only 3% in the H&B market but its market share has increased by 9% at the end of the year.

  • Kill Cover Foundation Cushion XP

    CUSHION Kill Cover Cushion, one of the most beloved cushion products among both domestic and international consumers has exceeded the cumulative sales volume of 6.2 million units since its launch in 2015; it has been positioned as a reliable product.

    The Kill Cover Line, proud of strong coverability, reflects the market consumers needs, i.e. '48-hour lasting', 'concealer-lik' and 'long lasting glow'

    More than 7 million in cumulative sales total

  • Mad Matte Lip

    LIPSTICK 10 colors launched in 2017, it is matte but not dry, offering a new direction of matte lipstick by smooth application. Currently its 27 colors have been sold out through Color IN & OUT.

  • 2022 SSMother-of-Pearl Collection

    Bloom In the ShellThe New Year’s limited edition inspired by Korea’s elegant and dazzling mother-of-pearl crafts

    2022 SSAtelier Collection

    Atelier in HannamA collection inspired by the atelier where the warm sunlight comes through the window with a gentle breeze and a freestyle sketch on canvas.

  • 2019 SSSimply Pink Collection

    SIMPLE & CLASSIC MOODA pink collection of Clio that simply gives a refined and feminine mood from the container to the formula

    2019 FWStreet Brick Collection

    BRICK & ROSEA street brick collection composed of toned-down brick shades full of autumn mood and charming rosy shades

  • 2018 SSPlay My My Collection

    8090'S RETRO MIXMeeting between retro music and CLIO,summer retro collection that preserves being classistic and maximizes the trend

    2018 FWAdventure Collection

    CLIO ADVENTUREHoliday retro collection that reflects the old game console tracing back to the memory and
    game room atmosphere with the CLIO Arcade concept.

  • 2017 SSTropical Hipster Collection

    SUMMER TROPICAL HIPSTERProvokative and sexy attention drawer! Tropical mood summer collection blowing off fatal attraction with vivid fruit color and chic

    2017 FWSuper Sufer Collection

    SUPER SUFUR HOLIDAYUnique & fun items with the key motif of Fappies, FUR to make your holidays stylish and fashionable

  • 2016 SSWater Kill Collection

    Get over hot summer with confidenceFrom a daily color to the point color, the waterproof collection never smudged in hot summer

    2016 FWTurn on the Light Collection

    Illuminate with light and seduce with colorColorful and intense holiday collection like party lights of neon beams


Holy grail product for beauty seekers

A fast beauty brand that expresses the vibe of Gen Z in a witty
and fun way. It is a makeup brand that adds uniqueness to your
look to make your everyday life more special.

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  • Ink the velvet/Ink the airy velvet

    LIP TINT Ink the Velvet- Peripera's flagship product was out of stock two days after its launch, and Ink The Airy Velvet had exceeded one million in cumulative sales total in just five months after its 2017 SS seasonal launch.
    Ink The Airy Velvet (AD), newly upgraded in 2019, was out of stock with 35,000 sold out in just two days after product launch.

  • Ink V-Shading

    SHADING Released in 2019, Ink V-Shading is a product that helps define the contour of the face.
    It is formulated with the medium shades, which are the most used color,
    in a 1:2:1 V ratio to satisfy the needs of customers.

    After its release, it was highly praised by beauty influencers for its natural-looking
    shade and became the best-selling item in Korea’s largest H&B store.

  • Ink black kara

    EYE Since its release, it has won various beauty awards such as GLOWPICK and POWDER ROOM, and has become a best-selling item that was sold over 1 million units.

Limited Collection
  • 2017Pearly Night Collection

    I want to get attention for once- a party just for meExciting year-end party of us, flamboyant pearl party, Pinky Chatting party, Pearly Night Collection

    2018Dal Dal Factory Collection

    Dahldahl factory in a strange country pouring sweetsDaldal factory collection offering sweet and rich pleasure with a variety of desserts and toppings

  • 2017Fashion
    Mini Carrier

    A girl's carrier for must-have travel items
    to leave easily and enjoy yourself.

    2018Peri's Mini Mini Fridge

    Summer colors are fundamental!
    Keep it in the refrigerator and feel it cool.

  • 2014, 2016Frozen & Powerpuff Girl

    Special edition launched through collaboration with 'Frozen' of popular Disney character and 'power puff girl' of Cartoon Network
    In particular, the Frozen Collection attracted not only the makeup nerds but also 'Frozen' fans.

  • 2012 ~ 2017Collaboration with
    Mari Kim

    Through a unique collaboration with young artist Mari Kim, we developed a character that embodies the image of a sweet ferry girl.
    These collabo characters appeared on Peripera's flagship products such as ink line, tint water and cushion case.


Functional, Mild, Natural Brand

Goodal is a compound word of Good + All, pursuing 'all good things' or 'good for all'.
Good All Natural Remedy, a slogan meaning 'helpful for the skin' with the power of nature.
Bringing natural vitality and energy to modern technology to provide clean and clear skin.

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  • Apricot Collagen Youth Firming Line

    Youth Firming Ampoule / Cream This is an elasticity care line formulated with the
    EVE VEGAN®-certified plant-based collagen,
    the catechins derived from apricots, and three types
    of essential amino acids.*(*Glycine,·Proline, and Hydroxyproline)

    Apricot Collagen Youth Firming Cream is gaining recognition for its product quality. As a result of the
    “Review of Allure’s 2 Million Testers,” 99.4% of the testers answered, “I’m willing to recommend it to acquaintances.”
    It has also been selected as one of the cosmetics recommended by Director Pi, a cosmetics ingredient expert and a YouTuber, in 2021.

  • Tangerine Vita C Blemish Serum

    SKINCARE LINE 70% natural-derived tangerine (tangerine collection) can only meet four weeks Blemishes from 2 weeks in need.

    Get it beauty 2018 view label in 2019, singles 2019 cosmetic award button The same beauty award went to 16 crown winners, Japan's largest online mall 'Rakuten' Reached No. 1 sales in the skin care category (July 2018).

  • Clear Estuary Soothing Line

    SKINCARE ESSENCE / CREAM Soothing essence for sensitive skin
    of self-sustainable Jeju Estuary extract

    Shortly after its launch, it became the best seller in the nation's largest H & B store.
    Excellent soothing skin care effect has been recognized in the market by the word of mouth.

    The product competitiveness of Houttuynia Cordata Calming Line has continuously been approved in many beauty awards.
    The Calming Essence won six awards by GLOWPICK and POWDER ROOM, and the Calming Moisture Cream ranked No.1 in the “Road Shop Moisturizer” category in the Get it Beauty View Label Award.

  • Premium Snail Tone Up Cream

    SKINCARE TONE-UP CREAM It contains golden snails, white ginseng and woodland peony
    which are gentle ingredients with natural tone up effect
    2 million units sold in China, it was a great hit of Korean tone-up cream.

    In 'Get it Beauty 2017 Blind Test of Tone Up Cream',
    it won the best award and was recognized for its product power.



Dermatory is a hypoallergenic derma cosmetics brand
that provides efficient skincare effect, dermatologically tested
for hypoallergenic and sensitive skin.

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  • Hypoallergenic Cica Gauze Pad

    SKINCARE MASK Moisturizing soothing pad that soothes irritated and sensitive skin with moisturizing and refreshing cica essence and smoothens skin texture.

    Tested for acne-prone sensitive and allergic skin, it is a hypoallergenic pad that ranked No. 1 in the Hwahae app (mask category) for three consecutive years and inducted into the hall of fame, acquiring emblems in various beauty awards.

  • Pro Trouble Pore Pad

    SKINCARE MASK It presents smooth skin texture by soothing dead skin cells, tightening pores and cleaning up sebum to soothe irritated skin. Designed for skin exfoliation, the square-shaped pad is perfect for areas such as nose and facial line.

    It has completed seven types of pore improvement test for pore volume, size, density, number, and depth, tested suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin.


Healing Hair&Body
with Quick & Easy Care

Healing Bird is an ultra-friendly hair & body healing care brand for the guichanist (those who can't be bothered to anything).
Quick and easy with little effort! Feel the leisurely daily life with the 'Healing Bird'.

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  • Ultra Protein No-Wash
    Ampoule Treatment

    Hair I was close to washing too hard! The healing bird ‘ultra protein no wash ampoule treatment’,
    available online only, has been sold out in two days through the word of mouth after its release,with rinse-free use and immediate hair improvement effect (* human skin test completed).
    Owing to online reputation, NoWash Ampoule Treatment was released offline and become a so-called steady seller of Healing Bird.

    More than 50,000 product unit in cumulative sales total

  • Ultra Protein Hair Oil Rich

    HAIR A photogenic image comes from the top of the head A best hair oil for split ends! Ultra Rich Hair Oil
    Healing Bird “Ultra Hair Oil Rich” repairs damaged hair due to frequent hair perms and dyes with the ultra-rich oil formula. It has won five beauty awards, thereby proving the product quality. This hair oil is formulated with argan oil from Morocco to deliver rich nutrients while leaving a refreshing finish to condition the hair without clumping or turning greasy. It features the effect of improving split ends proven through the human application test.

  • Gardners Perfume Hand Cream

    BODY&PERFUME Not only moisture! Healing Bird's parfum hand cream with 170,000 sold out after its release!
    Healing Bird's best-seller of five natural scents is soft, delicate and moisturizing with natural ceramide and aquaria.

    More than 25,000 product unit in cumulative sales total



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