Based on the corporate culture that
values and nurtures human resources,
and the belief that business means people,
CLIO supports our employees' growth to make
the most of their full capacity. We are looking
for talented people to grow with CLIO.

Various Cultural Events

CLIO staff meetings, clubs, workshops, company bazaar, film/ snack/book discussion club, smoking cessation and healthy diet program to strengthen the closeness and bond between CLIO employees. CLIO supports worllabal (balance between work and life) of CLIO employees with the Happy Day, Family Day, and Culture.

  • Family Day

  • Movie Day

  • Lunch
    With CEO

  • Chicken
    & Beer

  • Manage Welfare

  • A Variety
    of Events

Social Contribution and External Activities

As much as CLIO has grown, we are offering resources to the society to make good influence on the public.

  • Community
    Chest of Korea

  • Cosmetic Art Exhibition

  • Social Welfare Donation

  • National Award for

  • Talent Donation